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ROBIN HOOD. The sheriff was more frightened and wanted to go back, but Robin Hood invited him to dine with Merry Men. That was just what Robin Hood always did. He gave those men, who took money from poor people, a very fine dinner, and than he made them pay very much money for it. The sheriff understood that he was in the hands of Robin Hood. After dinner Robin Hood asked the sheriff to pay for the dinner. “I am poor men,” said the sheriff, “I have no money.” “No money! What have you in your bags, then?” asked Robin. “Only stones, nothing but stones,” answered the frightened sheriff. Robins men opened the bags and put the three hundred pounds of gold on the ground. “Sheriff,” said Robin, ”I shall take all this money and give it to the poor. You have taken much more than that.” Then Robin told his men to bring the sheriffs horse. The sheriff got on his horse, and Robin led him through the forest. Than he said good-bye to the sheriff and went away laughing. So the sheriff paid three hundred pounds in gold for a dinner with Robin Hood.

frightened испуганный to make smb. do smth.заставлять кого-либо сделать что-либо noting but… --ничего кроме…

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