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Business English, учебник F.W. King, Units 3-6, для специальности "Мировая экономика"


Ex 2: U r J.duPont…write to the Western Shoe…telling them where u have obtained their name We have seen your advertisment in Commercial News last week & we believe u produce the models we need. Today there is a good market in France for your products that will stay the same for at least 3 years. Would u plz send us your catalogue, price lists & if possible some samples of your models to assure us that they are really competitive. We would appreciate a prompt answer.

Ex 3: enquery for a firm, to the Drake Cycle Company,Wellington,NZ. Sports mod. We saw your new sports models demonstrated at the Birmingham Trade Fair last month & would like to deal with u. Products like yours are in steady demand here in England & especially high sales are expected for models of 50, both mens & womens. We would be glad to learn details of all models, receive catalogue & price lists from u & to discuss the terms & times of delivery. Are u ready to grant discounts for large & steady purchases? We are also interested in your future supply position for next 5 years. We hope to hear from u shortly.

Ex 4: enquery on behalf of u firm to the Yorkshire Woolen Company… We heard from your agent in London that u produce fine cloth for mens & womens suits. There is a steady demand here in London for fashionable mens suits & competitive prices provide great sales. Will u plz send us your price list, catalogue & some patterns of cloth u produce. Well discuss the terms of business with your agent. Since the season will soon be under way, we must ask u to reply by in a forthight from todays date.

Ex 5: RITESWIFT typeweriters… I see from “Monday News” that u are the Paris agent for Riteswift Co Ltd of France. Will u plz send us your price list & catalogue & also tell us your delivery dates, terms of business & terms of discount. We would also be glad if u agree to meet our representative in France & show him a sample of your typewriter next month. We hope to hear from u shortly.

Ex 6: your firm is Swiss manufac. Com. & is in urgent need of certain fittings… We have heard about u from British chamber of Commerce in Switzerland & would be pleased a lot if u agreed to deal with us. There is a brisk demand here for certain products that require certain metal fittings. Our normal suppliers are not able to deliver them urgently so we hope we can obtain them from u as your delivery times are considered to be prompt. Will u plz send us your price lists & also your terms of business. We hope to hear from u as shortly as possible as the season will soon be under way.

Ex 7: u have seen an AD in the trade press for small electric motors… We have seen your AD in Commersant for your products & would be thankful to deal with u. There is a good market in Paris for our machinery that will continue in at least next 10 years. But we need mini-motors like yours to improve our products. Would u plz send us your price lists, catalogues, detailed schemes of your products, inform us about your terms of business, delivery dates & details of discount for placing large & regular orders. We are also ready to distribute your products in France. If u can provide us with big amount of motors. W.l.f.t.h.f.u.

Ex 8: luxury good before X-mas… As X-mas will be in 8 weeks, it's going to be a brisk demand here in London for luxury goods. Our associates in France informed us that they stock a big number of the items we need
so we ask u to buy as much products as possible in 2 weeks & send us FOB London all items listed in the enclosure. We hope u realize that prompt delivery is of the utmost importance in this case.


Ex 2: watchmakers from a British retailer… Many thx for your enquiry of 8 November about our products. We appreciate your order, & are enclosing our price-list & even some best speciments of our watches as well as our terms of business. We are sure that they will meet demand in Britain as we had business with a British company last year & our stocks were cleared within 3 months only.

Ex 3: foreign letter of enquiry…sewing machines… We are pleased to have your enquiry of 4 December about the line we manufacture. We are ready to deal with u as we respect the DRAGON Ltd which u represent & are enclosing requested price-list & terms of payment. We'd like u also to place your order promptly since we are flooded by orders from oversea companies.

Ex 4: Reply to enquiry from an export merchant …satisfactory deliveries from his supplier We thx u for your letter of 23 April & have sent u today, by separate post, our price-list & terms of business. We are able to dispatch the articles requested in a few days by air to Heathrow as soon as u confirm your order according to our terms of business. We appreciate your trust & will give u an exceptional opportunity of considerable discounts for large orders in case u negotiate a long-term contract. We'd appreciate your prompt reply.

Ex 5: letter to u firm, who r producers of tinned food products I've been informed by our associates in South Africa that there will be probably great demand there in connection with disaster in Britain-your main exporter for tinned food products. Therefore, we have pleasure in offering u the goods listed in enclosure. Our prices are quoted f.o.b. Capetown & we are able to dispatch all requested articles within 4 weeks from receiving your order. As this a special offer there is no subject to our usual discount. Nevertheless, we'd like to grant a special 1% discount for large orders up to f 5000. The term firm for 2 weeks as our products are in good demand everywhere they are presented. If u think our offer meets your requirements, plz let us have your order at an early date.

Ex 6: Textile importer. Circular letter… We appreciate your regular dealing with us & have pleasure in offering u an exceptable opportunity of obtaining our goods at prices below its value. We are able to do this because we need much free room for our new products with which u'll be introduced in 2 months & its too expensive to rent stocks in London or close area. So u will be able to consume our textile products at extremely reduced prices. The discounts vary from 20% to 50%. But we are to warn u that u should place your orders immediately. The sale firms for 3 weeks from tomorrow. Its a good chance to increase your capitals!

Ex 7: write answer to enquery from a manufac-r to a large ratailer We thx u for your enquiry, & are pleased to inform u that our stocks are full of products u require. Requested specifications of our new SE11 typewriter together with our current export price-list & details of trade discounts are enclosed. If need more information out representative in your place will call on u next month between 22th & 29th.


Ex 2: write a letterbased on these notes: thx for order,goods des
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