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Furs in Russia - Russkii Mekh


Understanding the points. TrueFalse1. In the Soviet times fur exports brought in up to $150 million a year2. Russian fur traders no longer to export their goods at all3. In 1996 70,000 womens coat were manufactured4. The Russian Furs company unites 90 percent of the fur industry enterprises5. There is no difference between Russian-made coats and those made abroad 6. Large amounts of pelts are sold to Turkey, Greece and Holland, later they return to Russia as finished articles. Language study. 1. 1) The sharp decline in export revenues can be explained by the fact that before 1994 fur prices on the Russian market were lower than the prices on the world market, so exporting furs was more profitable. 2) Now domestic prices are as high as world prices, while the demand for furs in Russia, with its long cold winters, has always been high. So Russian fur traders no longer seek to export their goods. 3) Nevertheless, some 20 percent of all furs produced in the country are exported, according to Victor Chepurnoi, the deputy chairman of the state-run fur-exporting company Soyuzpushnina. 4) Since fur export does not require a license, it is almost impossible to get the full picture of the foreign trade in furs. 5) One only can say for sure that today fur imports exceed fur exports. 6) Since the state has lost its monopoly on fur production and trade, it has also lost control over the domestic fur market. 7) This is why the establishment of a special far certification body is being widely discussed now.

2. Word building. 1. 1) reliable; 2) reliably; 3)reliability; 2. 1) critically; 2) critic; 3) criticism; 3. 1) ensure; 2) assured; 3) Surely; 4. 1) decisive; 2) indecisive; 3) undecided.

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